Due to the durability of materials used, DAMP TECH offers a 18 month guarantee on membrane treatments. There is an 5 year guarantee on liquid treatments (Duraflex, Cemflex and Dura slurry).

There is in addition an 5 year labour guarantee on Torch-on subject to standard wear and tear of materials used and annual maintenance if possible (recoating of silver coat). The Torch-on material carries a 10 year guarantee.

Terms And Conditions

  1. This quotation/order will be valid for a period of 6 weeks from the date above. Due to the nature of water ingress, the problem gets worse and the job might need to be relooked at.
  2. The contractor must be shown an area on site on which rubble and material can be stored and mixed.
  3. If it is necessary for DAMP TECH cc to clean the building site by removing shrubs and rubble etc. not allowed for, an additional cost will be charged to the client.
  4. The contract period is estimated as per the quotation, however all delivery dates are approximate and DAMP TECH cc will not be held responsible if work is not completed on a specific date.
  5. Certain tools and materials are heavy and damage may be caused to gardens and property internally and externally. DAMP TECH cc does not accept any responsibility whatsoever if any such damage occurs.
  6. Ownership of goods sold shall not pass to the client until all amounts payable by the client (including extras) have been paid in full. In the event of any such breach by the client, DAMP TECH cc shall be entitled to take possession of the goods for the purpose of this contract. All materials shall be taken as movable property.
  7. The contractor must be paid the final payment in full on completion of the work.
  8. If not paid within forty-eight hours after completion, a ten percent penalty on the outstanding balance will be charged. Interest on overdue payments (30 days) will be charged at two percent, per month, above the current bank rates.
  9. DAMP TECH cc reserves the right to refuse this order.
  10. Only the conditions as stated on this quote are valid and no verbal arrangement or promise will be recognised unless written on this quote. A verbal or written instruction from the client requiring the contractor to do extra work will hold the client liable to pay, in full, for the extra work done
  11. Any extras will be paid for in full before completion of the work.
  12. DAMP TECH cc's employees are employed by the company and under no circumstances are any instructions to be given to the company's workman without prior consultation with the representative of DAMP TECH cc
  13. The client states that he is the owner of the property where work is to be done and if not, the client will receive written consent from the owner before commencement of work.
  14. The client shall be liable for all legal costs, (including attorney and client costs, collection commission and tracking agent charges), incurred by DAMP TECH cc arising out of any breach on the client's part.
  15. Any work not outlined above has not been included.
  16. Upon acceptance of this quotation, the client will sign the quotation before commencement of work and should any form of payment be made to DAMP TECH cc we will note payment receipt as acceptance of all terms.
  17. All valuables are to be removed by the client from the work area before commencement of work. DAMP TECH cc will not be held responsible whatsoever for any theft, damages or loss caused by workmen to valuables left in or alongside the work area.
  18. DAMP TECH cc will not be liable for any consequential damage that may be suffered by the client arising out of implementation of this contract.
  19. Each time a cheque received from a client is referred to drawer, an amount of R150 will be charged to the client.
  20. In the event of the client postponing a section of work that has already been started, an additional amount of 5% of the total contract value will be added to the contract amount for re-establishing the work to the site
  21. We have limited public liability insurance as well as defective workmanship the responsibility is for the client to cover the shortfall.
  22. The contractor shall endeavour to complete the contract within the estimated period, however the contractor shall not be held liable for any increase in the contract period.
  23. No guarantee against water seepage has been included. Our guarantee is limited to workmanship and materials only, and does not cover consequential damage of any nature.
  24. No re-fitting or supply of any new skirting or fittings of any kind have been included. In the event of the client replacing skirting etc, it is advisable to use solid timber/tile skirting only.
  25. Any additional areas requiring a chemical damp proof course will be undertaken at an extra cost to the client.
  26. No repair to possible leaking has been included (area specific only).
  27. It must be noted that the contractor has quoted on the damp areas as indicated on the above. There may be other damp/leaking areas in the dwelling/outbuildings, the repair of which has not been included in this order.