1. Damp Tech access the building at a convenient time.
  2. List all rooms in the house on survey sheet.
  3. Explain % Scale of WME.
  4. Inform Customer of limitations of the Survey instrument.
  5. Measure all walls in the house, Top, Middle and Bottom.
  6. Record Pictures of building if necessary.
  7. Fill in Data sheet.
  8. Issue data sheet report to customer.
  9. Issue Invoice for Work.
  10. If Damp proofing or related work is subsequently given to DAMP TECH, the cost of this survey is discounted from the work cost.
  11. Example of Report Sheet is also on this Web site.

Please Note* Inspection Reports are not Quotes. This is at a charge and if Damp Tech is issued to do the work, the charge will be deducted off the job.